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Tvidler ear wax cleaner
Tvidler ear wax cleaner


The safest way to clean your ear at home.


Oh, bother! This is not good, I think your ear is full of wax, that’s dangerous and very unhealthy, and could cause you a lot of harm! But you are in luck, my friend.  Guess what’s new in the market, something more healthy and more hygienic to give your ear the care that it deserves and avoid any complications that regular cotton buds can cause you.

Introducing, the all-new TVIDLER EAR WAX CLEANER, the ultimate tool that you and your family need to keep a healthy ear free of accumulated wax and harmful dirt trapped by wax.

Did you know that excess wax in the ear does not only cause you harm, but its sticky nature allows it to also trap particles in your ears, these particles can be as harmful as puncturing the ear drums if not cleaned out in time and that can deafen anyone (we don’t want that now do we!)

With the TVIDLER EAR WAX CLEANER, your worries are over,  (your ears don’t have to be sad anymore)

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What is the Tvidler ear wax cleaner?

Tvidler ear wax cleaner

The Tvidler ear wax cleaner is a powerful cutting-edge ear wax cleaner, with advanced high-quality scientific and medical Materials to clean off ear wax and kill germs gather up around. It has disinfection features that allow it to clean out dust particles, dirt, and dampness.

It is very durable and easy to use, resting comfortably in your hands and giving you a good grip while you wipe your ears gently, the spiral-shaped tip makes ear cleaning fun.

How does the Tvidler ear wax cleaner work?

Tvidler ear wax cleaner

The round smooth shape of the handle allows you to rotate 360° around your ear for proper cleaning. The spiral-shaped tip allows it to carefully clean out the wax without letting small droplets of wax and particles fall back into the ear.  Its disinfectant features help kill germs existing inside the ear as a result of accumulated wax and harmful dirt. It has a long-lasting duration of use and can be shared with family and friends. It comes with six detachable tips that can be replaced cleaned and reused. 

The size is constructed perfectly so that it doesn’t into deeper than it should and it does not pose any harm to the user.  The tip of the TVIDLER goes deeper than regular cotton buds and cleans out gunk and waxy dirt and particle layers.  the tip can be cleaned out with water or alcohol to kill germs. Dry the tips before inserting them again in the ear.

Its handle is made out of silicone for a firm and more comfortable grip, without fear of slipping away and causing harm.

Features of the Tvidler ear wax cleaner

Tvidler ear cleaner is made using advanced high-quality materials. Here are the special features that make the device worth your money:

å 360 degrees protection РTvidler device rotates clockwise or anticlockwise, breaking down accumulated wax in the ear canal.

å Portable РTvidler is travel-friendly. You can easily carry it wherever you go; it can fit in small spaces.

å High-Quality material РThe ear wax removal gadget is made using advanced high-quality and durable plastic materials.

å Soft Silicone Tips РThe device comes with six silicone tips which are removable, washable, and reusable.

å Sharable РThe device is very economical. More than one person can share a set of silicone tips.

å Unique Spiral Tip РThe cutting-edge-ear cleaner comes with a spiral head that breaks down wax by sliding into the ear with a gentle twisting motion.

å Eco-Friendly РTvidler can be used for a lifetime without wearing out, unlike cotton buds thrown after use.

å Ergonomic Design РThe ear-cleaning device has a comfortable grip. The design fits the hands perfectly, making it easier to be used by children and adults.

å Lasts a Lifetime РTvidler ear cleaner is designed to last a lifetime. All you have to do is wash and reuse.

How to use Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner

Tvidler ear wax cleaner

Tvidler is easy to use. You don’t need skills to clean your ears. below are the steps to use the Tvidler ear wax cleaner:

Place, carefully and securely the end of the silicon tip on the Tvidler ear wax cleaner

Insert the tip of the ear cleaner gently into the ear,  and begin to clean. Rotate the device gently 360 degrees in a clockwise or anticlockwise motion to remove wax.

Do not forcefully use the device to avoid injuries, carefully rotate and clean your ear to avoid any harm.

Carefully remove the Tvidler ear wax cleaner from the ear after a few seconds.

Remove the gathered wax by washing off the tip of the Tvidler with water or alcohol to kill germs.

Repeat the steps until all the wax is removed.

Replace the soft tip before using Tvidler again.

å The ear-cleaning tool is affordable

å It can be shared among friends and family

å The advanced features makes it safer to use than regular cotton swabs.

√• The purchasing process on Tvidler’s official website is easy and stress free.

å The silicone at the tip of the device is highly-flexible and durable


ו It may not be safe to use Tvidler if you have ear discomfort or hardened wax buildup.

ו It can only be use by children and adults from 12years and above

Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner Pricing

It is 50% off, but this deal is only available while supplies last. It would help if you bought immediately to take advantage of the product’s most excellent deal while it lasts. 

One TVIDLER costs $29.95. 

2 TVIDLER at $44.96 each, a cost of $22.48 

$31.98 per 3 TVIDLER at a total of $65.94 

4 TVIDLER for $79.96 each, a fee of $19.99 

5 TVIDLER for $94.98 each, a cost of $18.99 

Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner Consumer Report Reviews

We have found that the Tvidler earwax cleaning device is very popular among its customers after reading exhaustive lists of Tvidler customer reviews on various social media platforms, and most of the Tvidler reviews were positive. After use, users reported improved hearing, health, and recovery from infections after use. 

The inclusion of additional recommendations that make it hygienic for all family members has been praised by some users. 

Based on the Tvidler review, we can all agree that earwax is one of the most annoying things in the world, and if you don’t remove it, it can leave you feeling unclean all the time. 

Avoiding earbuds is also crucial to preventing injury to your ears. We believe Tvidler is filling a significant need for consumers who are sick of visiting the doctor often and want an affordable, efficient answer.  

We hope that this Tvidler review will be able to give you comprehensive information on the ear wax cleaning tool from Tvidler and assist you in making an informed choice when making your next purchase.

Here Are The Few of Worldwide Tvidler Customer Reviews

“They are the greatest since they provide excellent top quality products at the best market pricing, as well as extremely nice service and timely delivery. I had been seeking for anything like this for quite some time. I wholeheartedly endorse it.” – Kaye Domingo 

“Excellent top quality product at the best market price, in addition to very good service and prompt delivery make them the best. I recommend it 100%” – Eulides J Diaz 

“enough of spending so much money on cotton swabs that for me, they don’t sanitize anything. This product is excellent and works very well, in addition to having a super affordable cost and for everyone to have at home.” – Katherine Gomez 

“Excellent product!!! I was looking for something like this for a long time. It offers protection, it’s safe and of great quality! Removes wax without discomfort. Practical and easy to use. I highly recommend.” – Ella Riton 

“Excellent product!!! I was looking for something like this for a long time. It offers protection, it’s safe and of great quality! Removes wax without discomfort. Practical and easy to use. I highly recommend. Congratulations on the product!” – Fatima Marques 

“It’s a fantastic product, one of the best purchases I have ever made. It provides my family and me with security and safe hearing care. It is beneficial and simple to use; all you need to clean it is water. The business is very responsible and helpful when it comes to helping you, and the price is really good.” – Tsz Wai Chow 

“I recommend this product. They have a really good customer service very accommodating. I love this product. Very fast, safe and reliable. Thanks  you Tvidler!” – Grams Bisky 


With the world growing fast and advancing in technology, do not be left out in this new  advancements that makes life much more easier and better.  Take the first step into this growing world by purchasing this very helpful product TVIDLER EAR WAX CLEANER and experience the newness of technological advancements. 


How does the Tvidler earwax remover work?

The Tvidler Earwax Cleaner’s distinctive spiral head tip is designed to “grab” earwax and remove it with a simple twisting motion, rather than pushing it further down. Twist the Tvidler clockwise while gently inserting it into your ear to remove excess earwax. No force or deeper insertion of the tool is required. tvidler is washable and recyclable. 

What differentiates Tvidler from ear cleaning products like cotton swabs, ear drops, and ear wax candles?

Tvidler is a convenient, reusable solution to the problem of earwax collection. It doesn’t have the disadvantages of ear drops, but if your earwax buildup problem is severe enough, you may want to use both methods simultaneously. In comparison. 

If I don’t like the order, can I return it?

Your purchase is risk-free. Within 30 days, you can quickly return the item. 

What’s inside the Tvidler ear wax package?

Six additional high-grade silicone replacement tips and a travel case are included with each Tvilder. 

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