High Tech Capture with SmartyDrone Reviews Hack: How True?

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According to the manufacturer, the new Smarty Drone is a quadcopter that can fly in all directions, has a 4K camera, and can be perfectly controlled via a smartphone. The great thing about this super drone is that it has several intelligent flight modes that make it suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

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What is SmartyDrone?

The Smarty drone is a foldable, portable and superior quality quadcopter drone with the capability of rotating 360 degrees. the Gadget also has a dual 4K HD Camera with a 120 degree field view. This drone is really a high quality drone. This drone has Numerous features such as gravity sensors, Anti-collision sensors and a well-built in propellers which makes this product even better and superior in quality when compared to others.

The SmartyDrone’s has an extremely high speed which makes it capable of travelling very long distances in the shortest amount of time.


How does Smarty Drone work

With the help of the Smarty Drone’s 4K camera, which has a lens that magnifies objects up to 50x, zooms in or out by up to 150%, and with the ability to track the transmission in real-time, users can create incredible videos that stand the test of time. Here are the best features of the Smarty Drone explained:

  • 3.7V Lithium Battery
  • Modular architecture allows the drone to fly for 18-20 minutes.
  • Optical flow that will enable you to set an inversion point
  • 4K camera with a 50x zoom and a 150-degree angle, both of which can be adjusted via the joystick
  • Intelligent photo capture with just one touch of a button
  • Up to 30m obstacle detection range when using the drone’s dual camera.
  • Collapsible and compact design that allows you to take the drone anywhere you go
  • Eight new propellers and an installation key
  • Complete control over the flight, including a gravity stabilizer and the ability to move in any direction

According to buyer reviews, Smarty Drone is one of the best drones for kids as it is both sturdy and straightforward to use

The Photo Stick Omni with 256 GB should be used in addition to a SIM card if you want to shoot many flight videos. This is because the Photo Stick Omni provides additional storage space.

Compatible with mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

All these features are available on all Smarty Drones, so customers do not have to pay extra. There are no accessories available for purchase for the Smarty Drone other than the joystick. The product comes with a black bag for storage and transportation.

Features of SmartyDrone

  1. Foldable Drone Design: This particular feature is not very common when you compare the SmartyDrone to other traditional drones. This makes it very unique and easy to use for any purpose. The Smarty drone is designed in such a way that it can be folded so as to make it very portable and for easy movement whenever you want to use it for an event.
  2. Portability: For a device to be portable, it means the device can be easily moved from one place to another. This is one of the features that can be attributed to the Smarty drone. No one likes to carry heavy gadgets and as such, the Smarty drone is designed in such a way that it is very easy for any kind of movement.
  3. Compatible with Smartphones: It may be of great interest for you to know that the Smarty drone can be used with your smartphones too. This means that all you need to do is to interface the drone to your smartphone then you can enjoy this amazing feature. This is a very rare feature that is not usually present in other traditional drones during comparison.
  4. Easy Operation: One of the features of a good gadget is the ability to control or operate the gadget with ease. This is one of the features you get to experience when you make use of this device. You do not really need any in-depth knowledge in technology before you can make use of it. All you may require is just to go through the user’s guide manual and you are good to go.
  5. Durability: The Smartdrone is a very strong gadget and this is because of the various materials that constitutes to its final production. This feature enables the gadget to serve for a very long period of time without damage due to external pressure or tussle. This is also another good quality of the smarts as you are sure that in the absence of intense force, the gadget will serve you for a very long period of time.
  6. 360° Degree Rotational Movement: It is also capable of maintaining a 360° degree rotational movement while in use. This feature enables it to be able to take every bit of recording of an event without missing anything at all.
  7. Time of Flight: The time of flight is also another feature to be considered when you purchase any drone. You wouldn’t want to fly for a few seconds and rub back for a change of battery. Sadly, most common drones do not really have a satisfying time flight but the case is different with the use of the SmartyDrone. Here, you can experience a flight of much longer duration. This is another wonderful feature of this gadget.
  8. Standard High-definition(HD) Pictures: Super clear quality is one of the important features to consider when taking a video of an event or pictures using a drone. The SmartyDrone is capable of taking excellent and super clear pictures when you make use of it in your events. The gadget is capable of getting a Standard High-definition (HD) Picture of about 720p. The device can also capture pictures from a point of about 1200.
  9. High Altitude: The SmartyDrone can be used at a very high altitude of over 3000 feets and this makes it capable of capturing everything that is going on within your environment. This enables it to capture events in the form of bird’s eye view because it can attain a very high altitude.
  10. Stability: Every drone has its own level of stability but theirs cannot be compared to that of the smarty which has a higher level of stability. This is an important feature because the stability helps in times of turbulence or bad weather conditions when the drone is in use. It is also capable of withstanding violent conditions such as wind turbulence. This is a very important feature of this gadget.


  1. Super Quality Pictures & Videos: The Smartydrone is capable of taking photographs and videos of high quality. This is possible due to the device’s 4K dual HD camera for taking photographs. This means that the device is capable of capturing images with twice the quality of High-definition (HD) quality.
  2. Security Purposes: It is not a military drone and does not carry any weapons, but it can be used as a surveillance tool to perform security check functions. This is only possible due to the 4K dual HD camera that comes with the device.
  3. Wide Coverage: The drone can be utilised to access restricted areas. When you want to cover a larger area, perhaps during an event, you need only use this device and you’ll be completely protected.
  4. Media Coverage: This drone can be used for media coverage and broadcasting. Use of drones to survey restricted areas is the current trend. Additionally, use drones to film movies.
  5. Affordability: Splashing discounts of up to 50 percent have been deducted from the price of the new SmartyDrone device, making it quite affordable. The only requirement to qualify for this benefit is to purchase the product online through the manufacturer’s official purchase link

How to operate SmartyDrone

Using this drone can be quite easy when the proper procedures are followed. One major benefit of the drone is that anyone can use it and you don’t need to be technologically savvy in order to operate the device. Just follow this simple steps below:

  1. Remove the device from its packaging with caution. Perform this with extreme caution to prevent any form of force-induced damage.
  2. Ensure that the device is charged for approximately one hour before proceeding.
  3. The smartdrone device includes an instruction manual. This is the manual that contains all the necessary instructions for operating the drone. Utilize it for subsequent steps.
  4. There is a certified application compatible with the device. You only need to scan the device’s QR code in order to gain access to the application.
  5. After gaining access to the application, you can link it to any smartphone (iOS or Android) and you’re good to go. This is very simple to operate.

Technical Specifications

Being a superior quality drone this gadget requires some level of technical specifications and precisions which contributes to the quality of the SmartyDrone. They include:

  1. 50x Zoom: With the use of the Smarty drone, you can be able to zoom into events when recording or taking pictures and still get a super clear quality.
  2. Durable Battery: The battery of the Smarty drone is very durable and can last several hours of use when in use. This contributes to the gadget being a better brand and quality than other traditional drones.
  3. Smartphone Operation: This drone can be connected to your smartphone (android or IOS) while operating the gadget. This is very compatible with any type of smartphone.
  4. Optical Flow Camera: The importance of this technical specification is that it can automatically adjust the drone during the time of flight.
  5. Front & Side Collision Sensors: The front and side collision sensors makes the Smarty drone very sensitive to collision. The sensors help you detect signals in case of any incoming obstacle so that you can avoid any form of collision.
  6. One Button Takeoff & Land: This aspect of the technical specification makes it quite easy for you to operate this drone as you can control both the takeoff and the landing of the drone with just the click of a button.
  7. Gravity Sensor: This feature is quite common to drones. It is also available on this one. The importance of this is that it makes the gadget able to detect gravitational forces during a change due to change in region.
  8. Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC): This is also present. What this does is that it allows the drone to control and change the speed of the gadget’s electrical motors. This is another important specification to take note of.
  9. 4K Dual HD Camera: The Smarty drone comes along with an inbuilt 4k dual HD Camera. This means that the gadget is capable of taking super quality pictures that is twice better than the normal shots of high-definition (HD) pictures we know of. This makes the gadget way better than any other traditional drone.
  10. 360° Rotation: The Smarty drone can rotate fully. This 360° rotational movement helps it cover every nook and cranny when you want to take the record of a live event.
Smarty Drone Features

Accessories Found in The SmartyDrone

When you purchase a new SmartyDrone, there are a few essential components in the package. The available accessories consist of the following:

  • A battery of 3.7 volts (V) used to store energy for operation.
  • Four spare propeller blades to replace any of the propellers currently in use.
  • A bag with a large capacity that prevents dust from entering the drone. This helps prevent premature deterioration of the device.
  • Easy-to-understand instructions on how to operate the SmartyDrone.
  • A screwdriver for repairing the propellers when necessary.
  • Flight Using a Trajectory

How much does Smarty Drone cost?

Smarty Drone can only be purchased through the product’s official website. You can not buy it on Amazon or other major retailers. Buying it from the official website guarantees that it is an original product that is offered at the following prices:

  • 1 Smarty Drone for $99
  • 2 Smarty Drones for $80 each
  • 3 Smarty Drones for $59 each
  • 4 Smarty Drones for $62 each

Payments can be made not only by credit or debit card but also by Google Pay. For more information about the product and the money-back guarantee, contact Smarty Drones customer service at:

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, 24/7.
  • Brazil: +552135003992, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday (Brazilian time, GMT-5).
  • Email: care@urpurchase.com
  • Physical address: Hyper Sls Ltd 1506 Loon Kee, Bldg No. 267-275, Des Voeux Road, Central Hong Kong

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Final Thoughts on SmartyDrone

This smartydrone review has highlighted in details an abundance of information concerning this product. You must have a thorough understanding of the product you are purchasing especially when it comes to smartydrones which i belief that by now you have all the information you need to make the right call concerning this drone.

It is a must-have for anyone who wishes to capture clear and high-quality images and videos of events and occasions.

Purchasing a drone is a necessity if you cherish preserving memories and every photograph or video documenting past experiences.

You can use it outdoors and indoors both. Additionally, this product is significantly superior to other commonly used drones.

It is resistant to turbulence due to its stability feature, and it can detect any change in gravity due to its gravity sensor.

Go get your new SmartyDrone immediately so you don’t miss out on the wonderful benefits it will bring you, especially now that there is an offer for a discount and a return policy.


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