The Best Pizza Oven Review: Why Qubestove outdoor Pizza Oven is the #1 Pick

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QubeStove Pizza Oven
QubeStove Pizza Oven

Experience the joy of outdoor cooking with QubeStove, the world’s only rotating pizza oven and stove in one

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Why Qubestove Oven

Pizza Oven Review: Qubestove Outdoor Pizza Oven gives you Perfect Pizza Every Time. Whether you are a pizza lover or just want to throw an awesome backyard pizza party, QubeStove is the pizza oven for you. With a flaming hot temperature of 565 °C/1050 °F, QubeStove outdoor oven can give you a chewy crispy crust in just 90 seconds, without burning the crust. Rotating Pizza Stone. QubeStove outddoor oven is the world’s first pizza oven with a rotating pizza stone. Simply rotate the handle below to get an even char on pizzas and roasts. Detachable Stove. Not only can QubeStove cook the perfect pizza, it also features a detachable portable stove.

Cook breakfast outdoors on a skillet, BBQ some chicken wings, or sit around the stove for unbeatable warmth on chilly nights. Eco-friendly. QubeStove outdoor oven uses wood pellets for fuel, so there’s no carbon footprint, which means less air pollution. Not only are wood pellets eco-friendly, they are also cost efficient. Wood pellets burn much slower at much higher temperatures, 3 lbs of wood pellets will keep the fire blazing for over an hour. Click here to buy

QubeStove Pizza Oven

Design: Portability

Qubestove Oven design makes it so unique, you’ve probably heard of, seen, or maybe even own a stove you can take with you out on trips but one that can also make pizza probably sounds almost too good to be true. One that can cook food and pizza, though not at the same time, without using gas or electricity might even sound like a scam but that’s exactly what QubeStove is promising. For those times you want to escape to the great outdoors but don’t want to use up that electric generator for cooking, this is almost the perfect tool to take along with you.

The secret to the QubeStove’s portability is its foldable, modular design and wood, the latter of which we’ll get to later. The contraption is made of two separate parts, three if you count the exhaust pipe at the top. There’s the stove itself that produces up to 1065°F (575°C) of raw heat without using electricity, gas, or gasoline. This handy furnace can do more than just cook food, as we’ll also see later.

There’s also the enclosure sits on top of the stove on one end and on two foldable legs on the other end, though those legs feel don’t inspire much confidence when it comes to sturdiness and stability The QubeStove is so easy to put together and take apart that a kid could do it, the company says, though supervision is highly advised, especially after use. The enclosure has a high-temp ceramic glass window that lets you take a peek inside without lifting the lid. But if all you want to do is check the temperature, there’s a built-in one on top exactly for that purpose

QubeStove Pizza Oven

Unique Features Quebestove Oven

  • First Rotating Stone Outdoor Pizza Oven:Qubestove pizza ovens for outside with 12.6″ rotating pizza stone. The wood pellet pizza oven is constructed with high-quality stainless steel,sturdy,durable and suitable for cooking all types of foods.
  • Unbeatable Heat: The pizza ovens can reach up to 1000°F or 535°C in just 10 minutes.Cook a pizza in just 90 seconds, with the perfect amount of chewy crisp, without burning the crust.
  • 2-in-1 Outdoor Pizza Oven: Q-Stoves pizza oven features a 2-in-1 design to give you more bang for your buck. Easily detach the pizza oven and stove can be used separately(for Cooking & Heating).
  • Detachable and Portable: The portable pizza oven features foldable legs for easy storage and transport. Designed to be user-friendly and easy to disassemble.
  • Designed with Ceramic Glass and Built in Thermometer: The users can easily check on the food, without opening the oven and easily check the temperature without using an extra infrared thermometer

How it Works

QubeStove was designed to let you cook anywhere, anytime. We don’t use any auger or electricity, the basic elements are the ones that we use: gravity and air. Here is how it work.

Qubestove Outdoor Pizza Oven
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Price and were to buy

This Qubestove Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fired with Rotating Pizza Stone 2-in-1 Design Portable Pizza Oven Separately as Stove and Heater goes for $389 seeing it uniqueness and grate features our would say it a grate product, its worth the prize and its money well spend to give your friends and family a grate outdoor event.

Reviews from Buys

Just used our new stove for first time! Everything went together easy. Instructions were very simple and easy to follow. We used the recommended hardwood pellets. Our family made our own pizza from scratch. The turning table made it easy to cook our pizza evenly and my 8yo was so proud of his masterpiece. We took the pizza attachment off afterwards and the kids enjoyed some s’mores until the fire died down. Great product, very sturdy. Definitely recommend this product!!!

Gary Gates

Received this for Christmas. Pretty easy assembly and OK instructions. The first time we used it we did everything according to the very brief operator instructions. Got it fired up as instructed. The temperature went to 750f and thought we were in business. Added pellets as instructed and it immediately damped down the flame to 150f then the pellet container ignited burning the pellets up. We tried again but could never get this stove to operate properly. I believe the venting is plugged up eliminating draft to the firebox. I am also pretty sure the pellet container is not supposed to light on fire and burn all of the pellets. I do not recommend this product.

Ty Truly

Product information

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