Miracle Brand Sheets Reviews 2023: What Is So Special About This Sheets?

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Miracle Brand Sheets
Miracle Brand Sheets

Miracle Brand Sheets: Sleeping just got more interesting!!!

Guess what’s new in the market? The Miracle brand sheets! Yea that’s right the new hygienic antibacterial bed sheet that gives you the comfort of a lifetime and still protects you from bacteria. It is the first ever hygienic luxury sheet, scientifically validated and very effective, widely used by many sleep specialist all over the world. Aside it’s ability to keep bacteria far away from you, it also helps you sleep more comfortably, with an instant sleep promoting feature which allows you to restore energy and sleep peacefully.

What is the Miracle Brand sheets?

The Miracle Brand sheet is an improved scientifically enhanced bed sheet with advanced features that gives a new experience of sleep and comfort and gets rid of all your bed sheet problems. Miracle Brand bed sheets are made of luxurious Supima cotton blend with bacteria-fighting all-natural silver fiber. The silver blend in these sheets not only helps to regulate the body’s temperature throughout the night but it also minimizes bacteria growth on the sheets by 99.9%, this gives you an assurance of safety (health wise) when going to bed at night.

It reduces the chances of your kids waking up with itchy redness all over their body, and also the risk of having bed bugs crawling everywhere. On like many other bed sheets, Miracle Brand sheets, do not provide a conducive environment suitable for bacteria and insect to breed and populate a room. The Supima cotton blend with bacteria-fighting all natural silver fiber, does all the MAGIC! giving you the comfort you deserve, and giving you children the best night experience!

What’s more? This new design gives you the luxery of using your time for other cool stuff than washing bed sheets, with the Miracle brand sheets you never have to worry about washing your bed sheets or constantly changing sheets, you don’t have worry about saving a lot of money to buy an industrial washing machine. Every bed sheet related problem is gone as far as the Miracle brand sheets are involved

Miracle Brand Sheets

Features of the Miracle Brand sheets

The Miracle brand sheets are made of Supima cotton blended with silver fiber. Silver is know to be a natural antibacteria, which makes the sheet a self cleaning material, with this feature laundry becomes easier, as you will not have to add bed sheets to your laundry wash list!

For each purchase of the Miracle brand sheets, there is a free Miracle Towel, and this towel has the same features as the bed sheet.

It’s antibacteria qualities reduces the chances of bacterial infections from your bed, to as low as 99.9%  you’ve got no worries about bacterial infections.

Washing regular store bought bed sheets is, on most cases, a once in a week routine, but you don’t have to go through all that work, this new improved bed sheet reduces your laundry worries by three, you only have to clean this bed sheet once every three weeks and be rest assured that it still serve you well.

Most store bought bed sheets lose colour and quality, and fade after a series of frequent washing. That’s not the case with the Miracle Brand sheet, it does not lose colour or quality for  very long period of time.

The Miracle Brand sheets are also very affordable and doesn’t cost much to get.

Check price and make purchases through this link (add link)

Pros and cons of the Miracle Brand sheets

There are many advantages and luxeries that this product provides in your homes,  however there are certain limitations to having access to it. See more on this in the pros and cons section below.


1. Gives you a healthy sleep and protects your skin

Irregular or inconsistent washing of our traditional bed sheets, has allow the possibility of a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, endangering our health and causing discomfort during sleep. The Miracle Brand sheets provides a solution to that, protecting you from bacteria and giving you the comfort of a sound peaceful sleep

2. Anti aging

It last longer than any other bed sheet you can find, it does not weaken or lose quality and it does not have a designated period of use.

3. Regulates body Temperature at night

With this product you have less worries of getting too hot while sleeping, or freezing to the death, the sheets have the ability to regulate body Temperature while you are sleep. (Such comfort!)

4. Always fresh beddings

This product, unlike the others, has natural freshness, always new looking and clean. The freshness of a quality product.

5. Anti- odor

6. Fights bacteria and mites

7. Reduces laundry stress

All this advantages, are the qualities that makes this product a “must buy”. Highly recommended by a large number of health practitioners. Be among the families and homes to enjoy this luxery, buy the Miracle Brand sheets today and find peace!

Miracle Brand Sheets


There are quite a few limitations as regards to having access to this executive product. Read below.

1.Many scams are going around

Some scammers claim to have the product at cheaper rates or that they can get it asides buying it from the official website

2. Can only be purchased from the official link

This product can only be purchased through the official website, and not many people might be able to get access to the website from their side of town or country.

3. It goes out of stock fast

Due to the massive order and purchase of the product, it quickly goes of of stock and buys would have to wait until more products have been released.

4. It is not sold on retail in local stores

More exciting news! There are massive discounts available on their official site and also free gifts which includes a free Miracle towel, do hurry and make your purchase through the official site to get your discount

Why must you buy this product from the official site only?

√ Exclusive offers, discounts and promos!

√ 100%  scam free trustworthy products

√ A huge collection to pick from

√ Local and international delivery and shipping

√  30 days trial


01. Miracle Sheet Set – Extra Luxe 

02. Miracle Sheet Set – Signature 

Sizes – 

01. Queen  size

02. Twin  size

03. Full Size

04. King  size

05. Cali King size

Colors – 

01. stone  

02. while 

03. light blue 

Besides the above options, there are a lot other miracle sheet reviews on the exclusive site that you can read. Those are  individual miracle brand sheets reviews, so you don’t have to worry about fraud.

Thanks for reading through, I hope this review helps you decide to add this product into your purchase budget. Get yours while stock lasts

Miracle Brand Sheets Frequently Asked Questions

Does Thread Count Matter in Bed Sheets?

The thread count in sheets refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. When it comes to threat count, it’s generally the higher the better! However, thread count isn’t everything. You can find good sheets with a thread count as low as 200 even though some people are willing to pay top dollar for thread counts that are over 1,000. The Miracle brand offers two different thread counts: 350 and 500. The 350 thread count is the “Signature” sheet that is made with Supima cotton in a percale weave.

The 500 thread count is the “Extra Luxe” sheet that is also made with Supima cotton but in a sateen weave. Both of them are perfectly soft and comfortable — which just goes to show that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on 1,000+ thread count sheets just to get a quality product.

What Is the Best Material for Bed Sheets?

Bed sheets come in a variety of different materials ranging from cotton to polyester, linen to flannel, and silk to bamboo. However, the best material for bed sheets is definitely cotton. This is because cotton is extremely soft and breathable so you don’t get too hot while you’re underneath the covers. But not all cotton is the same. There are different staple lengths and weave patterns that can affect the feel of the fabric.

For example, Miracle Brand sheets are made out of high-quality Supima cotton that has a very similar feel of the highly-desirable Egyptian cotton — without the unrealistic price tag! Supima cotton is made out of long staple cotton fibers that are known for softness. This type of cotton is way softer and more luxurious than your typical “100% cotton” sheets that are usually made with American Upland cotton that uses a short staple cotton fiber.

When it comes to weave types, there’s percale weave, sateen, and jersey knit. Percale weaves are tightly woven but are extremely soft and are ideal for people who are looking to keep cool when they sleep. Sateen weaves are made by taking four threads over and one under to create an ultra-luxurious feel that will immediately make you think you’re in a five-star hotel. This weave is also heavier and is ideal for people who are looking to stay warm when they sleep. The Miracle Brand’s Signature sheets are made with a percale weave while the Extra Luxe sheets are made with a sateen weave so there are multiple options to meet your preferences!

What Is Silver-Infused Technology or Silver Fibers?

Silver-infused technology is an amazing feature of all the Miracle Brand’s products including bed sheets! Both the Signature and the Extra Luxe bed sheets are made up of 95% cotton and 5% anti-bacterial pure and natural silver. But why silver? Silver has ions that have a positive charge that is able to draw in bacteria like a magnet to help eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in the fabric and prevent it from replicating and spreading throughout the sheet.

By eliminating bacteria in your sheets, you are able to keep them cleaner for longer and prevent acne that is usually caused by bacteria bred by oils, dirts, and sweat in your sheets. We promise that your skin will thank you for switching over to bed sheets made with silver fibers.

How Often Should You Change or Wash Your Bed Sheets?

You spend a lot of time in your sheets and it’s really easy to accumulate a lot of dead skin cells, oils from your skin, dust mites, and more gross things that you definitely don’t want to be sleeping in. Depending on your nightly routine and habits, you may want to wash your sheets either every other week or every single week. Here are some reasons why you may want to wash your sheets more often:

  • You run warm at night and sweat a lot while you’re sleeping
  • You go to bed without showering
  • You have a pet that sleeps in bed with you
  • You have allergies or asthma that are sensitive to dust mites

But what if we told you that you don’t necessarily have to wash your sheets every week? Sheets from the Miracle Brand made with silver-infused technology help to eliminate bacteria in the fibers of the sheets. That means that you can wash them less frequently and even end up doing three times less laundry than you would do with regular sheets! This small difference can end up saving you a ton of time, money, and effort doing constant loads of laundry every week. It might not seem like a lot, but running your washing machine really adds up quickly.

How to Properly Wash Bed Sheets?

Before you wash your bed sheets, make sure to separate them from the rest of your laundry and only wash them with other sheets and pillow cases that are similarly colored in order to avoid bleeding or fading in the wash. Once you have your load ready to go, wash your sheets in warm water with a mild, liquid detergent with no fabric softener or powder detergent.

After your sheets are all nice and clean, you should tumble dry them on low heat. Make sure to remove them as soon as the timer goes off so that they don’t wrinkle. However, if they do wrinkle, you can iron them on a warm setting in order to remove wrinkles and creases for hotel-worthy sheets!

How to Easily Fold Bed Sheets?

Once your sheets are all nice and clean, it’s time to fold them properly. It’s no secret that even the most seasoned adults have problems folding their bed sheets — especially the dreaded fitted sheet. Thankfully, we are here to tell you exactly how to do it so that you can easily store them in the linen closet until they’re ready to be used.

There are many different ways to fold sheets, but we have found that these ones are the easiest and also look the best. Let’s start with the comparatively easy flat sheet: Fold the sheet from the bottom to the top in order to get a really wide rectangle. Then fold one of the shorter sides over to the other short side. Then, from the long edge, fold that side into the middle of the rectangle. Bring the other side over the previous fold so that it reaches the far corner of the sheet. Finally, fold the resulting long strip three times to end up with a perfectly folded flat sheet. Now, let’s move on to the fitted sheet:

The easiest way to do this is to use a large flat surface — like your bed or even a big dining room table. Start out with the elastic edging facing up on your flat surface. Take the bottom corner of the fitted sheet and bring it up inside the opposite corner. Repeat with the other side. The resulting shape should look somewhat like a rectangle with the elastic portion still visible.

Fold the bottom edge without the elastic toward the middle of the sheet. From the side, fold it into the middle of the rectangle. Bring the other side over the previous fold so that it reaches the far corner of the sheet. Finally, fold the resulting strip three times to end up with a perfectly folded fitted sheet.

How Long Should Bed Sheets Last?

With the proper care, bed sheets should be able to last for six to eight years. However, high-quality luxury bed sheets can last up to ten years with the proper care. So how can you prolong the life of your bed sheets? The first way is to wash them on a regular basis and follow the rest of the care instructions. However, if you frequently experience discolored or faded sheets, there are a few things you can do to bring them back to life:

  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Borax

Believe it or not, but some things that you put on your face as a part of your skincare routine could actually be ruining your bed sheets. Ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids that are used in things like acne medications and chemical exfoliants can cause bleaching and staining of fabrics. So make sure to avoid using any products containing these ingredients with caution if you want your sheets to look brand new for years to come.

Consumer Reports Miracle Sheets

I was a bit skeptical when purchasing these sheets. They’re pricey at $130 for the set, but let me tell you- it’s the best $130 spent on bed sheets. For the first night since I’ve been with my husband, he did not sweat! The sheets have a weird odor when you get them so washing them before use is a must however, they don’t smell once you’ve washed them and they hold their form very well. My hair was soft when I woke up and not all over the place frizz! My skin feels softer and I didn’t wake up with more acne like usual. I’m VERY impressed and absolutely in love with these sheets.

Amber Griffin

The sheets are great! Very comfortable. The only thing I would recommend is a stronger elastic band to hold the sheets on the mattress. On the fitted sheet! They constantly come off the mattress

John Bulliard

Miracle Brand Sheets phone number and Support

Email: hello@miraclebrand.co
Phone: 1 888-683-4875 (USA) Or +1 904-640-8231 (International)
Our call center hours are 9:00 AM to 05:00 PM EST – Monday-Friday
Copyright 2020. Miracle Brand LLC. All rights reserved.

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