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Koretrak Pro Fitness wrist watch
Koretrak Pro Fitness wrist watch


Hey there!  working out and building those muscles, keeping track of your health and vitals i.e blood oxygen, body temperature and heart rate and watching your improvements when workout is fun, but guess what is more fun, Working out with the Koretrak pro fitness Tracker wrist watch. It is thrilling experience having your vitals checked by your wrist watch while you workout or jog down that street, or during a marathon training period at the gym, it helps you keep good track of your progress every move you make is registered, giving you a good record of your health improvements. what’s more, it’s fancy design makes it even more attractive adding to your fashion style.

The Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch is an advanced technology with a lot of advantages that will benefit you greatly. It is sleek and sophisticated, serving both the purspose of a wrist watch and a fitness tracker and giving you a thrilling experience after a day’s hard, rough workout or a jog around the park. Also the Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch has built-in features and fitness apps that will help make you fit faster and help you watch out for warning signs of health disease while maintaining a healthy habit.

Connecting it to the new and improved Korehealth app gives you the added advantage of setting goals and keeping a detailed record of your progress, routines, movements, reminders and other cool ways to stay motivated, keep up the growth process and have a healthier life, also to watch out for any health red flags ( health issues).

Koretrak Pro fitness tracker wrist watch

What is the Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch

The Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch is a stylish well advanced new technology with built-in apps and features, targeted at giving you a better health experience by helping you keep track of your fitness levels, reading and checking your vitals, aiding you in having a consistent, regulated and well organized fitness sessions and healthy habit, notifying you of any possible abnormalities in your system that might be harmful to your health, this is so easy as it uses biometric technology to scan your health signals and gives you all the update you need, and of course, adding an elegant look on your wrist! (Classy right! You gotta love it).

It also, most importantly perform all the functions of smart watch, telling time, and alerting you of any incoming call or messages to your mobile (cool!).

Features of the Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch

Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch: The Kore digital smart watch, fits in to your wrist like every other traditional wrist watch. The Rotator cuff and the skin’s surface connects with the wrist watch, when you put it on. It’s close contact with the skin, allows it track and monitor your health and system activities using it’s biometric scan technology which allows it to read your vital signals, like your temperature, heart rate and more. It gives you real-time wellness stats of your health any time of the day.

It inspires you to be consistent with your health habits, with it’s built-in reminders and goal setting features which allows you to set goals and routines to follow daily. You can guage your efforts any where any time.

koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch
  • SMART FITNESS TRACKER WRIST WATCH FOR WOMEN + MEN – Track important health metrics like blood oxygen levels and HR. Wear the KoreTrak smart tracker band for real-time heart monitor workout readings and use this information to manage factors in your lifestyle. Everything from diet to stress are variables in your daily life that could affect your health. The KoreTrak Pro fitness tracker wrist watch makes great fitness gifts for men, women, and kids.
  • STAY CONNECTED WITH THE KORETRAK FITNESS TRACKER WRIST WATCH – Calling and text message vibration alerts let you focus on the task at hand without distractions from your phone. KoreTrak works for notifications from incoming calls, SMS messages, and is compatible with Android 4.0 and iPhone iOS 8.0. The smart health watches for men and women have USB wireless charging, do not need cable, and can fully charge in 1-2 hours.
  • SMART RUNNING EQUIPMENT & KEEP-FIT WATCH – Reach your fitness goals faster with built-in multi-sport tracking and 24/7 and workout calorie counter/calorie tracker. For people with highly-active lifestyles, the KoreTrak activity tracker for women and men has an IP67 waterproof rating for use in the shower, washing hands, but is not recommended to be completely submerged in water. Stay on top of your workout with the keep-fit tracker and step counter watch for women and men.
  • THE SMART BRACELET FOR A HEALTHIER YOU – Customizable inactivity alerts remind you to get up, move and inspire when you need to so you can live a healthier life. KoreTrak keep-fit watches for women and men give accurate readings of calories burned so you can stay on top of your daily goals. The step tracker watch for women and men also has multi-sport modes to personalize your workouts. Combine the fitness watch for women and men with the KoreTrak App for fitness GPS tracking.
  • STAY ON TRACK A SMART EXERCISE WATCH – Analyze your sleep patterns to get a better night’s rest. KoreTrak fitness tracker watch for men and women has sleep monitoring and other important vitals sent straight to your phone for real-time updates. Find out how many hours you are in deep sleep, light sleep, and awake. Feel more alert and refreshed the next day so you can comfortably perform at your peak.
Koretrak Pro Fitness tracker wrist watch
Koretrak Pro Fitness tracker wrist watch

Pros and Cons of the Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch

Below are the pros and cons of the Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch, more information you need, to know more about this amazing new technology.


1. It’s smooth, compact and light design makes it really easy to wear and carry around.

2. It has a Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to synchronize it with you phone for a better experience.

3. It keeps track of your health and vital signals .

4. It also monitors your sleep, and keeps track of your fitness.

5. It serves as a reminder for your events and plans listed on it.

6. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones

7. It has trustworthy real-time monitoring and tracking

8. It is budget friendly

9. It’s biometric scan technology are accurate

10. It also offers genuine statistics


1. It’s availability for purchase are restricted, which is of course a drawback

2. It can only be purchased on Kore’s main site

3. Like every other technology and advancements, it has its limitations and restrictions

4. Although the smart watch is sweat and plash resistant, deep water sports are not advised or recommended.

Why is Koretrak pro fitness tracker a must but?

Inactivity of the body system, has proven to be very deadly. Not getting enough physical activity can lead to heart disease, even for people who have no other risk factors. It can also increase the likelihood of developing other heart disease risk factors, including obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. For this reason it is advised that we keep our body active as often as possible.

With Kore swatch watch being active has gotten easier, once you set up the smart watch and include a check list of the activities and routines you’d like to perform all you need to do is wait for the reminder from your watch and get busy with an activity, it’s easy it’s reliable and trustworthy, and yet it is very affordable.

Koretrak Pro Fitness tracker wrist watch

Koretrak Pro Fitness tracker wrist watch price

1 Smartwatch: $49.99

2 Smartwatches: $99.99

3 Smartwatches: $111.99


Keeping a good track of your health and regulating your habits are very crucial and of high importance, having a means to help you be consistent and committed in leaving a healthy life is not something you would want to pass on.

The advantages provided by the Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch is something everyone should have, something YOU! should have, keep your weight in check, monitor your health habits, have a more peace sleep knowing your vitals are monitored and you will be alarmed if anything goes side ways, go out for a jog at the park having a detailed record of the activities and changes you’ve made during the day.

Be alive and in fashion with the Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch you best workout and fitness companion. And don’t forget it’s still a smart watch so even you decide you are doing okay with your health just the way you like it, you can always use the Koretrak pro fitness tracker wrist watch as a smart watch and enjoy other functions and features of this amazing technology. (Adios amigos)

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