Smart Watch Review: HAFURY Android Smart Watch You can Trust

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HAFURY Android Smart Watch
HAFURY Android Smart Watch

Smart Watch Review: HAFURY Android Smart Watch, Activity Fitness Tracker for Women Men, Smartwatch for Android & iOS Phones, Heart Rate Monitor, IP68 Waterproof Fitness Watch, Sleep, Calories, Step Tracker, Black

HAFURY Android Smart Watch

Why HAFURY Android Smart Watch

Haufury Android Smart watch is a must have because of its uniqueness it comes with Screen Guard Premium quality, Unbreakable and flexible screen protector. It is thinner and stronger than tempered. Fully transparent with no impact on visual display, It does not break. Latest technology in watch screen protectors – impossible screen protection. This is not a tempered glass. Rather this is an improved glass sheet that is unbreakbale and thinner than tempered glass. Scratch Proof and gives 100% protection to your screen.

About HAFURY Android Smart Watch

Hafury Android Smart Watch works perfectly with Android Phones & iPhone & Samsung. This Android smartwatch is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above & Android 4.4 and above cellphone.  It can notify you of incoming of Calling, WhatsApp, Facebook, Wechat, SMS, App, Alarm, Target reaching, Calendar, Binding, and also hang up incoming calls. Soft and no easy dirty band offers your comfortable feelings.

HAFURY Android Smart Watch

It is a great option for tracking the heart rate Mens smart watch can automatically 24-hour real-time heart rate monitor, sleep, steps, distance, calorie, active time to helps you optimally adjust your exercise intensity and enables a more accurate record of your burned calories and sleep quality.

Hafury Android Smart Watch is a grate fitness tracker Watch for Men and Women. The waterproof smartwatch can set 9 exercise modes: running, treadmill, fitness, cycling, climbing, yoga, walking, hiking, spinning, and stepping, it provides you with daily health analysis and improvement reference data. High sensitive large 1.3 Inch TFT-LCD screen makes it easy to operate.

Unlike most smartphones the Hafury Android Smart Watch is an IP68 Waterproof Watch with Longer Battery Life: Womens smart watch ​is IP68 waterproof, you can wear it when you are swimming, washing your hands or even it is raining. After fully charged, the smartwatch can be used for at least 10 days. With a full touch screen, 3-level Adjustable Brightness, 4-different watch faces, not only easy for you to operate, but also provides you with a clear display.

HAFURY Android Smart Watch

More Practical Functions  due to its big screen, the smart watch support a music controller, Bluetooth 5.0, stopwatch, timer, reset function, Firmware information, Restart, Shut down and some gestures, such as lift the wrist (lift the wrist to automatically brighten), lay down (put down the automatic shut down the screen)

When you receive the watch or do not use the smartwatch for a long time, connect the charger correctly and charge the watch for 2 hours before using it. The above situation is caused by excessive discharge of the watch due to unused for a long time. For other questions, please contact us.

How to sync this smartwatch with your cell phone?

This watch is Android 4. 4 or iOS 8. 0 and above cell phones, not for PC & Tablet.):

  1. Download the ‘VeryFitPro’ APP by scanning the QR code of the manual, or search ‘VeryFitPro’ from Google Play or APP store;
  2. Open the ‘VeryFitPro’->Refresh->Click the ‘ID205L’ on your screen->Click the ‘Confirm Bind Device’;
  3. Fill in User Profile info;
  4. Slide homepage and Sync to 100% to finish Sync.

How to turn on Call/Message/SMS Notification?

  1. Make sure cell phone/Messaging/Call log permissions open when you first download the ‘VeryFitPro’ app;
  2. Please make sure that the ‘VeryFitPro’ app notification is open in your phone’s setting: Settings>Notifications>VeryFitPro>Allow Notifications;
  3. Turn on ‘Call Alert’/’SMS'(Text Messages)/SMS Notification in the ‘VeryFitPro’ app:Open App>Device>Call Alert/SMS Alert>Allow notification>Switch on SMS app>Click ‘√’ icon to save–>setting done.
  4. Please make sure that the ‘Phone’&’Messages’&’SMS app’ notification is also open in your phone’s setting: Setting>Notifications>’ Phone’&’Messages’&’SMS app’>Allow Notifications;
  5. Run the ‘VeryFitPro’ app in the phone background and make sure the device is paired with your phone successfully.

How to ensure the accuracy of the heart rate and pedometer function?

  1. Heart rate monitoring: In principle, the click heart rate test requires wearing tight, static, and silent; when the click heart rate test is worn loose, talking or slightly moving, it will lead to poor signal quality, resulting in slow, no value, or heart rate Value fluctuations and other issues. When measuring, place your arms flat, relax and stand still, and make sure that the watch is close to your arm.
  2. Step counting function: When setting personal information, be sure to fill in all the information honestly and accurately! Including gender, height, weight, age, these slight inaccuracies will directly affect the data capture of the acceleration sensor and further impress the algorithm calculation. The result is inaccurate step counting, incorrect distance data, and inaccurate calorie consumption. Get inaccurate data. In addition, your swing posture, stride length, road surface smoothness, uphill and downhill will all affect your step count.

Price $38

Concluding Thoughts

Thus, if you still have doubts as to whether buy a Smart watch, then the definite answer is YES see all the grate features of this smart watch with its fair price of $38 it believe that its a most have for everyone . By the way, you can find other advantages and price by following this link

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