ClearView Eye Glasses My Night Driving Aid: How Reliable Is ClearView?

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See clearer at night with this state-of-the-art night vision aid

ClearView eye glasses Review: No matter what your age, night driving can be a little challenging, whether you’re driving around the corner or across the country. Low lighting, glare, and other factors may make it difficult to see clearly and react quickly to hazards. The constant high beam blast or the glare from the taillight of the car in front is an excruciating pain point for most drivers. But there is a solution. And you’re going to learn about it in my Clearview Review Eye Glasses

Why Driving is Harder At Night

Your ability to drive safely at night may be affected by:

  • Availability of Street Lights. It’s obviously more difficult to see in areas that aren’t well lit. UK researchers discovered that injury severity increased by almost three times if an accident occurred on a road that had no lighting.
  • Glare. Glare, depending on the amount, can be a minor annoyance and or may make it impossible to see. You may experience more problems with glare from oncoming headlights as you get older.
  • Headlight and Windshield Problems. Dirty windshields and hazy or misaligned headlights can contribute to night vision problems.
  • Age-Related Vision Changes. In addition to trouble handling glare, natural changes in your vision related to aging may make night driving harder. As you get older, the muscles that control your pupil weaken, and the pupil becomes a little smaller. This means less light enters your eyes when it’s dark. Rod cells also decline as you get older. These photoreceptor cells, located in the retina, are essential for good night vision.
  • Eye Diseases and Conditions. You may notice problems with glare and see halos around lights at night if you have cataracts. Cataracts occur when the clear lenses inside your eyes become cloudy. Other eye diseases and conditions that may affect night driving include macular degeneration, vitamin A deficiency, glaucoma, and retinal diseases.
  • Dry Eyes. Glare may seem worse if your eyes are too dry.

With ClearView all of the above mention challenges would be a breeze because ClearView

What is ClearView Eye Glasses

ClearView eye glasses is an advanced level night vision glasses that ensure stress-free viewing at night. Its photochromic lenses provide clear view all day long and ensure 100% UVA, UVB and UVC safety. No lights cannot enter into the eyes for its Anti-Glare technology. It is protective and comfy to wear as well. Its lenses are polarized that improve the contrast to reduce bright light distortion. It is useful to prevent headaches and eye fatigue. After getting this, I feel enhanced color and clarity with the rainy, foggy and rough situations.

ClearView eye glasses

ClearView Eye Glasses Reviews: How does it work?

ClearView night driving eye glass can either be worn on its own, or over the top of prescription glasses, depending on the needs of the wearer. The lenses are coated with anti-blue ray layers, which help to block out the harsh blue light from modern car headlights. Removing just the blue lights makes the lights from oncoming traffic appear much sharper, which puts far less strain on the eyes. In addition to this anti-blue ray coating, the lenses are also polarised. This changes the way in which the light is reflected into the eyes, clearing the vision from unnecessary reflections and distractions from objects which are too bright.

ClearView eye glasses also benefits from the technology of transitions lenses. These lenses are able to automatically adapt depending on the specific light conditions of any moment. This means that they will never be too dark or not dark enough as they will change the amount of light which is let in depending on the conditions outside.

ClearView eye glasses

ClearView Eye Glasses Reviews: Features

  • Usable with any type of eye glasses. Nearsighted? Farsighted? No problem. You can still use this product over any spectacle you’re currently using. Honestly, I’m an eyeglass wearer and I don’t like putting it over my glasses. What I do is I put on my contact lenses whenever I’m wearing it, which is too much of a hassle. I wish they would customize prescription types, but I think that’s too far-fetched (just low-key crossing my fingers).
  • Lightweight. It’s not bulky or heavy on the nose whenever it’s worn. It comes in lemon yellow color which is fashionable and it can be worn by both male and female drivers. The lenses are light despite using various technologies to combat the glare from headlights and dark conditions.
  • Anti-glare technology. As mentioned in the upper part of this Clear View glasses review, these glasses are made with anti-glare technology that blocks the harsh blue light emitted by headlights. It prevents you from squinting whenever oncoming drivers forget to turn down their headlights.
  • Photochromic lenses. The photochromic lenses reduce glare so it’s easier to see despite poor visibility. It’s also polarized which changes the way light is reflected and removes unnecessary reflections on your eyes.

ClearView Night Eye Glasses Price and Moneyback Guarantee

The ClearView eye glasses is sold on their official website with 3 different packages. I have got a 50% discount on the single ClearView eye glasses purchase. They offer 1 free with 2 ClearView and 2 free with 3 ClearView purchases. The special offer is only available on the official website. Click here to order with the discount and free offers

3 X CLEARVIEW + 2 FREE $27 / each $ 135 

2 X CLEARVIEW + 1 FREE $ 33 / each $ 98 

1 X CLEARVIEW   $ 49 / each $ 49

What are people saying about ClearView Eye Glasses

“I have light green eyes, and although my vision is otherwise perfect, I have always suffered from the glare of car’s headlights and therefore found it difficult to drive at night. ClearView has been the answer to all of my problems, making it so much more comfortable to drive in the dark”

Janet (Buyer)

“I always used to panic if I had to drive at night, especially in the rain. I still avoid night driving if I can, but I now keep a ClearView night vision aid in my glovebox and it makes me so much less anxious knowing that it is always there if I need it. It helps enormously.”

Jim (Buyer)

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